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I would now like to outline a few general remarks about how to avoid becoming too comfortable in the abyss. Barbara Johnson, “Nothing Fails like Success” (via adornoble)

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Ontology is the dice throw, the chaosmos from which the cosmos emerges. If the imperatives of Being have a relation with the I, it is with the fractured I in which, every time, they displace and reconstitute the fracture according to the order of time…Far from referring back to the Cogito as a proposition of consciousness, imperatives are addressed to the fractured I as though to the unconscious of thought…far from being the properties or attributes of a thinking substance, the Ideas which derive from imperatives enter and leave only by the fracture in the I, which means that another always thinks in me, another who must also be thought. Theft is primary in thought.

Deleuze, Difference and Repetition

This is basically Derrida.

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Even now, I tell myself, there is a language
to which I might speak and which
would rightly hear me;
responding with eloquence; in its turn,
negotiating sense without insult
given or injury taken.
Familiar to those who already know it
elsewhere as justice,
it is met also in the form of silence. Geoffrey Hill, from “The Triumph of Love” (via proustitute)

Also discovered I’ve lost 2 inches from my waist over Christmas!

Thankfully Simon’s phone is now working, so we can all relax!

Got a new phone for Simon as a treat. So far it doesn’t work. He’s spending hours on the phone getting “technical support” to no avail. Wish we hadn’t bothered.

@pwilson: I think some of us really need to rethink our focus… http://bit.ly/VGWnvcGood sound advice.Post from @pwilson on Twitter (via Scope)


I think some of us really need to rethink our focus… http://bit.ly/VGWnvc

Good sound advice.

Post from @pwilson on Twitter (via Scope)

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